Practical Geometric Pattern Design – Geometric patterns in Islamic Arts

This is an English Turkish textbook for my courses at Istanbul Design Center. It contains about 50 drawing exercises of geometric patterns.

Table of Contents  .  İÇİNDEKİLER  
Decide how you will start3Nasıl başlayacağınıza karar verin
Patterns on grids11Izgara Desenler
Patterns with 6, 9 and 12 fold symmetries236, 9 ve 12 simetri eksenli desenler
Patterns with 6 and 12 fold stars and rosettes356 ve 12 kivrimli yildiz ve roset roset desenlerı
Octagonal patterns (part 1)47Sekizgen desenler (bölüm1)
Octagonal patterns (part 2)53Sekizgen desenler (bölüm 2)
Decagonal patterns69Ongen desenler
Selected grids87Seçilmiş izgaralar

Author: Mirosław Majewski
Translator for Turkish version: Bushra Sahin
ISBN 978-83-64660-75-7
Publishing year: 2019
Publisher: Aksjomat Torun, Poland

Currently the book is out of print. However, a few copies still are available from the Author. If you are interested in getting this book, please fill the enclosed here form.

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