Understanding geometric pattern and its geometry

In 2020 I started writing a series of papers on geometric foundations of geometric patterns. Three of these papers (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 4) were published in the Electronic Journal of Mathematics (eJMT) and Technology, Part 3 was published in the proceedings of the Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics 2020 (ATCM 2020). All […]

Kundekari with Persian decoration

Here is one of the nicest ideas – create a simple pattern and then fill its convex shapes with another pattern. The large pattern in this drawing comes as in the kundekari form from Cem Sultan Mausoleum in Istanbul. The second pattern with smaller shapes is a typical Persian pattern from Chahar Bagh Theological School […]

The School of Geometric Patterns in Islamic Arts (March, 2020)

Course 1: Introduction to Decagonal Patterns in Islamic Arts Course level: introductory/intermediateCourse dates:  March 23-27, 2020 (Mon. – Fri.)Location: Istanbul Design Center, Istanbul Course description This course is devoted to foundations of decagonal pattern design in Islamic arts. We will learn the fundamentals of the gereh method – the method that was used for many […]