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GSP for Windows download and license

Geometer’s Sketchpad is a geometry program that I always use for drawing geometric patterns and experimenting with geometric constructions.

Geometer’s Sketchpad is no longer a commercial program. We can download it and use with any available license code. Here is the one that we use while teaching courses in geometric pattern design:

Name: Geometry and Pattern

Here are links to some places from where one can download Geometer’s Sketchpad:

If you did not have GSP for Windows installed on your computer before then you can use the license-free version. It is great tool with some recent improvements. Here is the link to download it. You do not need any license. Copy it in a convenient place in your computer and start using (no installation procedure, no license key). This version can be used also from a flash drive.

GSP for Mac

Here is the page from where you can download the latest version of GSP for Mac.
GSP for Mac is a new development. The objective of it is to create a new version of GSP that will work on the latest Mac operating system.
Please visit this page from time to time to get the latest updates of GSP for Mac.

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