All patterns on this page are created with Geometer’s Sketchpad from Key Curriculum and Xara Page and Layout Designer.

There are many patterns that have some hidden features. This one comes from Bourgoin’s book, plate 28. Without this specific coloring it looks rather boring.


Another pattern based on hexagonal grid. The trigonal shape of swastika is a good replacement of standard swastika shape for a pattern with C6 local symmetries.


Wallpaper pattern based on hexagonal grid. Rather complex drawing in order to get proper interlace.


Hexagonal pattern found in Bukhara. This is one of many seamless patterns that we can see on old mosques and madrasa in Uzbekistan. It can be used as a floor mosaic, as a pattern on doors or just a wallpaper.


Rhombus and swastika pattern based on an original motif found on an XVIII century scroll from Bukhara in Uzbekistan.


Hexagonal pattern from XII century found on a block of stone in the palace of rulers of Termez, Uzbekistan.


Decagonal pattern Kukeldash Madrasah style

decagonal, kukeldash style 01

This pattern is based on the pattern from Delhi, from Nizam ud-Din Auliya shrine complex. Here I modified the original pattern in order to obtain rotational symmetry C2 for each quarter of the pattern. In the original pattern the symmetry was broken by some misplaced elements.