Kundekari with Persian decoration

Here is one of the nicest ideas – create a simple pattern and then fill its convex shapes with another pattern. The large pattern in this drawing comes as in the kundekari form from Cem Sultan Mausoleum in Istanbul. The second pattern with smaller shapes is a typical Persian pattern from Chahar Bagh Theological School […]

Workshop Symmetrica 2015

ENGLISH: Information about Symmetrica 2015 workshop is posted on the page  Information in Polish, information about the program of the workshop is posted on the page  Program, photos from the workshop are posted on the page Galeria, Symmetrica 2015.  This workshop was conducted in Polish (sorry Erol, Jack and others), but perhaps the next one will be in English? […]

Sketch 2: Constructions of regular polygons

Regular polygons are the base elements for constructing the majority of Islamic geometric ornaments. Of course, in Islamic art there are geometric ornaments that may have different genesis, but those that can be created from regular polygons are the most frequently seen in Istanbul. We can also notice that many of the Islamic geometric ornaments […]