Sketch 21: Pattern from Seyit Battalgazi Turbesi

I have got this pattern from my Turkish friend Ayhan Uzun. It comes from Seyit Battalgazi tomb in Turkey. Here is one of the photographs that I got.


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Sketch 19: Sultan Ahmed Mosque mosaic revisited

In one of the earlier sketches I was showing construction of the mosaic in the entrance of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul. The construction presented there was using triangular grid and it was a bit tedious. In this sketch I want to go back to this mosaic and show how it can be created using regular hexagons and what consequences of such approach can be?

First let me to remind you the view of the mosaic. It contains passages of zig-zags of double lines. Between them are formed regular hexagons and regular six-pointed stars. The picture below shows the pattern.

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Workshop Symmetrica 2015


ENGLISH: Information about Symmetrica 2015 workshop is posted on the page  Information in Polish, information about the program of the workshop is posted on the page  Program, photos from the workshop are posted on the page Galeria, Symmetrica 2015.  This workshop was conducted in Polish (sorry Erol, Jack and others), but perhaps the next one will be in English? Just remember ‘perhaps’.

POLISH: Informacja o warsztatach Symmetrica 2015 znajduje się na stronie Information in Polish, informacja o programie warsztatów jest na stronie Program, informacja o zgłoszonych wykładach i zajęciach warsztatowych jest na stronie Zgłoszone wykłady i warsztaty. Zdjęcia z warsztatów znajdziecie na stronie Galeria Warsztatów Symmetrica 2015.

Sketch 7: The new temple geometry problems in Hirotaka files

fig_007For quite a while we are witnessing development of Hirotaka files. These are PDF documents with hundreds of geometry problems developed by a Japanese mathematician Hirotaka Ebisui (or Child of Frog). At the same time there are very few mathematicians, or even geometers, aware of existence of these files, and even less people who recognize their value. The objective of this sketch is to make a brief analysis of these files, examine roots of the geometry problems in the Hirotaka files, and point out their value. Continue reading “Sketch 7: The new temple geometry problems in Hirotaka files”

Sketch 6: Hirotaka’s Ebisui geometry problems in teaching mathematics

fig_006For a number of years the author of this sketch has been collecting geometry problems created by the Japanese mathematician – Hirotaka Ebisui or Child of Frog. In this sketch we will make a brief analysis of some of these problems, examine their roots, and point out their value for the teaching of undergraduate mathematics. Hirotaka Ebisui is the author of the geometry problems presented here. Mirek Majewski is the author of the text and images. All geometry images were created using Geometer’s Sketchpad version 5. Continue reading “Sketch 6: Hirotaka’s Ebisui geometry problems in teaching mathematics”

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