Brief info about the School of Geometric Patterns in Islamic Arts (March, 2020)

This is just a first idea and many things are not decided yet. We, it means me and IDC, are planning two courses for spring 2020. Both courses will be related to decagonal patterns. The first one will be an introductory course to decagonal patterns and gereh theory. For this course we will use my red book (see below). The second course will be completely devoted to patterns for Topkapi scroll. I hope that we will cover at least 99% of the scroll content. This will be intermediate/advanced course. Although Topkapi scroll is kept in the Topkapi Palace, designs in it are not Ottoman or Seljuk. All patterns in this scroll are Persian patterns. Thus both courses will be a celebration of Persian pattern design.

More about the Topkapi scroll is here:ı_Scroll

The probable dates for both courses are March 23, to April 4th, 2020. Number of participants about 25 to 30 for each course. In order to participate in the second course you will have to have completed at least one of my basic courses. Simply the course will be using knowledge and experience for any of my previous courses.

Textbook for the course (published by Istanbul Design Publishing, 2019.

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