Sketch 18: Ornament from the Sultan Selim tomb in Istanbul

fig_18Construction of the ornament from the minbar in Rüstem Pasha Mosque was quite time consuming. Now we will look into something that is even more time consuming and looks incredibly complicated. However, with the knowledge gathered up to now we will be able to deal with this case also.

Now, let us go to the Sultan Selim Mosque (1552) that is far away from the center of the Istanbul. This mosque, although it is located on the high hill, it is hidden between the houses and is very difficult to find.

The Sultan Selim Mosque is a very simple mosque like most of the early Ottoman mosques. In fact architects consider it as the simplest imperial mosque in Istanbul. However, we can still find a number of interesting features there – a well done minbar with simple, but still an interesting ornament, intricate details, influence of Persian craftsmanship, and beautiful Iznik tiles. Tourists, who will come here, in good weather, will be rewarded with the most superb view of the Golden Horn region with a number of mosques around and the Galata tower on the other side of the Golden Horn. They will also find two tombs there. One of them is the Sultan Selim tomb. If we look inside the vestibule of this tomb we will find two large panels decorated with Iznik tiles. Most of the visitors admire the floral arabesque on the panels, but unfortunately not many of them turn their attention to the edge of the panels where there is one the most complex ornaments we can see in Istanbul.

The complete sketch 18 is here: sketch_18


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